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Need Advise: lan-to-lan vpn (IPIP)

We are in the process of planning a lan-to-lan vpn(tunnel) for a client. The client has a main office and 32 remote locations. Each remote location has an 827 router and ADSL, each natting to a private subnet. The main site has a 1720 router with T1 and nat to private. The ISP has informed us that we cannot use 1720 and must put something behind. My question is, what should we recommend, as their will be 32 locations connecting simultaneously? Will a 2600 series suffice? Also, since no encryption is desired, is IP over IP, an acceptable encapsulation method? I found out that the 827 does not support GRE, so IPIP, I think, is the only alternative.

Thanks for any advice you can offer...

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Re: Need Advise: lan-to-lan vpn (IPIP)

The 827 does support GRE. Why do you think it does not?

A 2600 may work if the traffic is light, I *THINK* it has all the features required to be a VPN termination point.

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Re: Need Advise: lan-to-lan vpn (IPIP)

Thanks for the input.

I never could get our 2610 to connect to an 827 as long as I was using GRE on both ends. When I switched to IPIP, it worked fine. The reason I tried IPIP to begin with, was because of a posting I read that stated that the 827 does not support GRE with the default image it ships with, and that the standard 16mb will not hold the updated image. Do you know any of this to be correct?

I probably should go with the 3600 just to make sure.

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