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Need help with the Pix501

I have configured a Pix 501. The Pix was able to talk on my network without any problems via the Ethernet0 and Ethernet1 ports. When I came back to it the next day to do some more configuration the pix would not connect via the ethernet0 port. I had no problems the day before to connect through this port. There was no configuration changes. I did notice that the pix had rebooted into monitor mode. The port ethernet1 is connecting without any problems.

When I do a sho interface ethernet0 I see the port is up and running. There is an indication that there is not whole lot of packets and bytes going through the poirt.

Is there a hardware fault or failure with the Ethernet0 port?

Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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Re: Need help with the Pix501

When you do that sho int, does it say the both Ethernet0 is up and the line protocol as well? from inside your CLI, can you ping the outside world? Are you using a static IP for the eth0 interface? if so did you set the static route up as well. Since the PIX rebooted and it was working before, are you sure you had saved the running-config to the startup-config before you exited the CLI previously. If not the reboot will have taken you back to your last saved startup-config.

One thing I always do is copy my config lines to a notepad or word document so that I can compare what I know worked with what is on running-config.

Just some things to check :)


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