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New Member

Need some help configuring 827 for VPN access


I'll soon be setting up a Cisco 827 to allow VPN access for remote dial up

users to access the internal NT4.0 based network. The router is already

setup for internet access and NAT, and has a static public IP. Though I

have setup many Cisco based leased lines, frame-relay connections, etc-- I

have never setup a Cisco VPN before. I have done much research but there

are still a few gaps/questions that I'm praying someone out there can

answer. The sample config I'm working from is available at :

Most of my questions at this point revolve around the client configuration:

1) I will be using a pre-shared key. Cisco states to run the policy editor

within the VPN client program group to generate this key. I have downloaded

the Cisco VPN client, but there is NO security policy editor icon or .exe.

Do I have the wrong version or something? The version of the client I'm

running is 3.01

2) In the "group access information" under the authentication applet, one is

supposed to put the name of the group and password. Where does one get or

configure this info?? I would assume it's specified in the router config,

but using the sample config above I can see nothing that relates to a "group

name". I'm making a guess that the "crypto isakmp key cisco123" defines the

password as cisco123, but I'm not sure..

Thanks in advance,

Jason Roth

Core-Net Network services

New Member

Re: Need some help configuring 827 for VPN access

I don’t think you can use 3.01 with IOS yet. It’s only for the concentrators and PIX. Use version 1.1.

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