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Netranger issue with SMTP - Newbie question

I have been trying to configure a Netranger box (v2.2.1) using Cisco Policy Manager (v2.2.0 : build 2237)and have come up against a problem. Whilst playing with the configuration I set up notification by SMTP without properly configuring a mail server. This appears to have corrupted the Netranger configuration and I am unable to access the configuration. I can communicate with the box to some degree, the wizard will cycle through and retrieve the files, but there is still a glitch.

Consequently I am looking for a way to manually reset the configuration on the Netranger box by updating the config files directly.

The error reports I am finding on the policy manager are:

"Unable to setup local postoffice - invalid sensor version"

"Unable to realize parameter set - invalid local postoffice IP address - Unable to realize sensor's parameters"

Any suggestions or advice are warmly welcomed.

Many Thanks


Cisco Employee

Re: Netranger issue with SMTP - Newbie question

Try sysconfig-sensor on the sensor to reset all of it's

files and then retry and if that doesn't work then uninstall and install

cspm 2.3.1i to clear up problems there.

(Note that CSPM 2.2 does not support notification. 2.3.1.i does, and it is available on CCO)



IDS Product Manager

Cisco Employee

Re: Netranger issue with SMTP - Newbie question


These errors are typically associated with the CSPM host's PostOffice settings. To manually correct these errors, you would have to modify several config files (auths, routes, hosts, smid). Basically check the etc directory on CSPM. Also, as recommended in a previous post, releases 2.3i and later have the e-mail notification feature.


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