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Network Design for a small 3 site WAN

Could anyone comment on the following network design for a very small WAN. Requirement is to link 2 remote sites to a central site, the remotes have 2 PCs only, (and a HP laser with ethernet capability) and the central site has 12 PCS and a single server running W2000 Server in application server mode (terminal services). All sites will have broadband (ADSL) connections to an ISP. As we prefer a hardware based VPN intention is to use a Cisco 827H at each site, and use the IOS to create a VPN so the two remotes can get access to the central server. Because the clients will be running thin client sessions (RDP protocol), bandwith required is fairly small, so response times should be good.

Q1 Being fairly new to IOS, I am wondering whether a simpler installation would be to use a 1700 series CIsco (rather than the 827H) at the server site, and 827Hs at the remotes and use the Cisco Easy VPN solution. Does anyone have experience with this? On the other hand, little expansion in number of Pc's and no upgrade to voice etc is expected, so the 1700 is a little overkill?

Q2 Intention is to use an internal address ranges of say 192.168.200.x, 192.168.201.x and 192.168.202.x at each of the three sites , and use NAT to take care of translation. Valid?

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Re: Network Design for a small 3 site WAN

A 1700 does sound like overkill. EzVPN is great if you have a large number of remote sites, makes the configuration on the hub end easier, but if you're only ever going to have these two remote sites then it's just as easy to set up standard LAN-to-LAN tunnels with 827's everywhere.

IP addressing scheme looks fine.

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