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New ASA5510 broke an FTP application

I put an ASA5510 in production and it immediately broke one of our 3rd party applications that uses FTP. We could no longer RECEIVE files from an outside FTP server using this 3rd party application BUT we COULD send files. We could also SEND AND RECEIVE files using an off the shelf GUI ftp program (WS_FTP). In order to fix the 3rd party FTP app. I put a NO INSPECT FTP statement in the ASA5510 configuration and it fixed the 3rd party app. but it broke our GUI FTP program! Any ideas? I'm including the log file(s) from the ASA5510 to help you! Thank you!!!

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Re: New ASA5510 broke an FTP application

Can you post your configuration ? I am suspecting something to do with the defualt bheaviour of ftp inspect command. You might need to create seperate class-map command to match any ftp traffic

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Re: New ASA5510 broke an FTP application

I have attached the configuration of the ASA5510 like you asked!

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