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New To VPN's, Setup VPN for home use

Hi, my names miles and im an 18 year old admin, and im looking to setup like a RAS server (on a win2k network at home) and use VPN to dial in.. I dont have a modem hooked up to the server and dont really want one.. I have cable modem hookup and my server and clients are behind a firewall. Im guessing I have to map a port on the routers public IP to my servers private IP.. im lookin for some white papers, software, anything : ).... please email me the info.. Thank You!!

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Re: New To VPN's, Setup VPN for home use

To get your VPN up and running you’ll definitely need a static mapped IP address to the NT box which means you’ll probably have to get another IP address from your ISP. Port-mapping for sure won’t work because that only works with tcp and udp, not other IP protocols that VPN’s use. Since you’re not doing this on Cisco equipment, you might want to search Microsoft’s site for some white papers and instructions.

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