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New VPN 4.0.X Client Does Not Ping

I have a 3015 VPN concentrator running Boot Code 4.0 and image 4.0.1D. When I use VPN Client 3.6.1 to connect to the VPN everything works fine. When I use the 4.0.1 D or B vpn clients I can authenticate but I can't ping anything. The VPN client parameters are the same for all versions. If you do an ipconfig /all in the 3.6.1 version all you see is the settings for the local NIC. An ipconfig /all using the 4.0.X show both the local NIC settings and a VPN connection setting.

If you choose status in the 3.6.1 connection you see two secure gateways ( and the VPN public address). Using the 4.0.X version you only see as the secured gateway.

What is so different about the new 4.0.X versions where I can't ping???

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Re: New VPN 4.0.X Client Does Not Ping

Check if you packets are getting discarded. I also faced same problem on PIX Firewall. This is because of NATing.

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