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Newbie really needs help.

Hello, i am just CCNA certified and doing an intership in an ISP. As my first and only job they asked me to create a document wich describes how to create VPNs. I have to write this in "Technical Language": explanation of protocols involved, general configuration tasks, and "Financial Language": create a little brochure explaining how a VPN works and describing 4 types of implementation: something for 2 peers comunicating trough 256/128 adsl,something for 2 peers comunicating trough 640/128 adsl, something for 2 peers comunicating trough 2048/512 adsl or 2Mbits HDSL, something to allow up to 10 remote users to use local POPs to connect to the work office. They asked me for maximum interoperability so no use of cisco only equipments and proprietary solutions.

I have 19 days to complete this and i can expect no better help than a workstation and a internet connection from them, neither a pair of routers nor a book on security and/or tunneling.

I think they are not so confident with VPNs (but i'm not shure!) because on our firt meeting they told me they want to start a project on VPNs in the near future and on our second meeting they told me the do not implement VPNs right now, it seems no one knows anything on VPNs too. Because they ask me to find the best solutions i can i have to do all by myself..

After surfing a lot the web i relized first solution i have to propose is something based on IPSec, but since it does not support other routed protocols than IP and since they talk (<-read "ask"...) me for PPTP and L2TP i am thinking about a L2TP solution for 2 reasons: i have not so much time to study 3 protocols and L2TP has the same features of PPTP plus others. I'have already done a good job on the IPSec suite: studied IKE, AH, ESP and Configuration on Cisco routers but regarding L2TP i have too few documents, some too small, some too big (RFCs...), the firsts are not so good, the others are too big to be learned in time. Searching the Cisco site i found almost configuration documents only.

I need some suggestion on my work

First of all did i chose the right tunnelling solutions?

Can u help suggesting some devices (ie routers..) good to the 4 scenarios previously listed?

Can u suggest some good links or books i could read to rapidly understand L2TP (i have learned most of IPSec suite on Cisco site and Sybex CCSP book)?

Any further help is welcome.

Thank you very much in advance for any help/suggestion, and sorry for my poor english...

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Re: Newbie really needs help.

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Re: Newbie really needs help.

Thank you very much, your link is very useful.

Do you think i hace to propose ipsec and l2tp over ipsec as possible solutions or i have to look for some other tunneling way instead of l2tp? Or maybe is better ADD another solution to ipsec and l2tp?

Thanks anyway.

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