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NHRP on Cisco 831

I'm trying to get more reliable ipsec tunnel betwen 3 routers (already in operation) with 1 (hub) having a fixed ip address and the 2 others on adsl dhcp assigned ip address.

at the moment, i'm using dynamic crypto map but there's issues when the dsl link goes down and the ip address are renegotiated on any 1 of the spokes.

I found out about using NHRP which can allow me to use a tunnel with GRE that would allow me to use keepalive and get some more monitoring capabilities on the tunnel interface.

I'm using the ios version 12.3 XC wich is supposed to support those features but no "ip nhrp" command are accepted on my 831.

I suppose I need to enable something somewhere to activate those features but am unable to find out what and where !!

any help will be welcome ! thanks by advance.

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Re: NHRP on Cisco 831

Any update on this ?

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