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no internet-acces after replacing Gigabit-interface- pix525

After our Gigabitethernet-interface broke down, we replaced it in our PIX 525.

The new interface itself works fine (link ok, TX/RX ok, lineprotocol up ).

Ping to the ISP from the PIX itself works fine, but not from clients connected to the inside.

Nothing changed in the configuration, everything worked fine before the old interface stopped working.

If we swap the Gigabitethernet-interface for a Ethernet-interface there is no problem. The only thing we change in the configuration: Ethernet0 becomes outside-interface instead of the Gigabitethernet-interface. All routings and accesses are the same.

We use a pix 525 UR Bundle, with two extra Gigabitinterfaces (66MHz), one as inside-interface, one as outside-interface. (except for at the moment, Ethernet0 is now outside-interface instead Gigabitethernet1. Gigabitethernet0 is still inside-interface and Ethernet1 is our DMZ). This works, but little bandwith....

Anybody ideas about what is wrong here?

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Re: no internet-acces after replacing Gigabit-interface- pix525

Check if you have changed any other Hardware in the network.

I feel some Switch on inside interface may not be compatible.

Another thing is PIX 525 supports up to two Gigabit Ethernet cards only.

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Re: no internet-acces after replacing Gigabit-interface- pix525

Thanks for your reaction.

In the meantime we found out that the ARP-tables in the routers of our provider didn't update the change of the mac-adress of our interfaces (since we put in another one, the mac-address changed, ip number was still the same.

after they updated it it was all running smoothly!

I could have waited for the updates to come by itself if I would have had patience for four hours, but that time lacked.

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