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Not able to connect to VPN through wireless networking


I have a typical problem with connecting to corporate network using cisco VPN client 3.6.3 on win XP pro through wireless networking. I have a wireless netgear router at home and I am able to connect through my desktop computer which uses wired network. Even though, I enabled the WEP on both my laptop's wireless adapter and the router, it still giving me error message "Remote peer is no longer responding...". But, I am able to ping the VPN server and trace route it. Both these ping and traceroute able to reach the server, but somehow the VPN client software doesn't. When I enable the log viewer and try, it logged the message like "Exceeded 3 IKE..."

Can anyone help me how to get this thing work? I have tried all the possible ways and could not find a solution. Any ideas would really appreciate.




Re: Not able to connect to VPN through wireless networking

Are you sure that the address that the VPN client is trying to connect to is the right one? We tripped exactly here some time ago. Another thing that you must check are the access lists (if any) configured on devices in front of the client. They might be blocking traffic from the client.

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Re: Not able to connect to VPN through wireless networking

I checked the VPN server address and it's the correct one! Recently I found the interesting scenario. It's not that I can not connect to VPN thru my wireless n/w. But, the trick is, I'm able to connect to VPN only thru the workstation, which I turned on first. Let me elaborate this, If I turn on my desktop computer first after the cable modem and wireless router plugged in, and able to connect to VPN. After shutting down my desktop and try to connect to VPN thru my laptop (which uses wireless network), then I'm not able to connect. The same is true if I do otherway (turn on my laptop first and able to connect to VPN, but later I cannot connect to VPN thru desktop, even after shutting down my laptop).

Any clues?

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