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Novell IP over NAT

NDS and SLP put IP addressing in the payload and NAT can't translate it. Will using NWHOSTS files work? Any one have suggestions or comments on this?




Re: Novell IP over NAT

NAT implementations translate IP addresses in packet headers and special circumstances search the data portion of the packet and translate embedded IP addresses references. However, the current Cisco NAT software does not translate embedded Novell IP references for NDS or SLP in data portions of the IP packet. As a result, devices in the public network will try to contact resources via non-translated private addresses. Since public networks will not be able to private networks, the connections will fail. I don't think NWHOSTS file will work either.

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Re: Novell IP over NAT

Hi Biz,

This is a real pain!!. I've dealt with this quite a bit in the past. While an NWHOSTS won't help any, you can still do it if you are willing to connect via a bindery connection. Of course, this requires some prep and not all services are available over bindery that would be over NDS (i.e. ZenWorks, etc.). Anyway, here's a Novell URL that tells how to do it:

Essentially, you will have to create a login profile that specifies a bindery connection instead of NDS.

Hope this helps.



Re: Novell IP over NAT

Hi Biz,

I have (just like Dave) dealt with this nice Novell feature in the past. The solution we have chosen at that point was to get rid of the need to do NAT.


Well, on every path where translations were needed I created IP-tunnels with two Cisco IOS routers, and tunnel the the Novell IP traffic within this tunnels.

With that solution the Novell IP packets do not have to be translated, because they are put in the IP-tunnel. The IP-tunnel is translated, but that doesn´t matter, cause the Novell servers will never know about this. This worked fine for our case. Cost some extra hardware, and creates a little bit overhead on protocol headers, but makes supports on your Novell servers much more easier.

Don´t know if it is possible in your case, but this would be my way to solve this.

Hope this helps.


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