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nrDeleteOVwDb does not exist

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to rebuild my HP Openvies database by following the TAC recommendation by doing the following:

su root

cd /opt/OV/bin


rm nrDeleteOVwDb

However, this file does not exist. How do I get it back?

Thanks for any help.

Damien Dinh

Cisco Employee

Re: nrDeleteOVwDb does not exist

Do not execute: rm nrDeleteOVwDb.

Instead as root execute: /usr/nr/bin/director/nrDeleteOVwDb

My guess is that there was a miscommunication from the TAC.

You should run the "nrDeleteOVwDb" script as user root.

The script is located in the "/usr/nr/bin/director" directory.

The script will stop OV and then delete the OV database, and restart OV for you.

DO NOT remove the nrDeleteOVwDb script.

If you have accidentally deleted the nrDeleteOVwDb script (check the /usr/nr/bin/director directory) then deinstall your director, and re-install your director to retrieve the file.

NOTE: When deinstalling you will be asked if /usr/nr should be removed, and if user and group netrangr should be removed. Select NO to both questions this way your configuration is saved.

When you re-install it will use your existing configuration.

NOTE2: When de-installing you should use the instructions to deinstall version 2.2.1. BUT when re-installing you will need to install 2.2.1, then 2.2.3, then the lastest Signature Update S11 for the director.

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Re: nrDeleteOVwDb does not exist

This is the exact answer and instruction I was looking for. Thank you very much for your detailed response. Have a good day.

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