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NT browsing through PIX

I'm having some problems browsing my Windows networks through a PIX. Here's the scenario: I used to have all of my vlans connected to an RSM on a 5500 switch. On Saturday morning I shut down all of the RSM interfaces and inserted a PIX (with vlans configured) between all of my vlans. I'm having a problem now browsing my Windows networks. Will the PIX allow me to browse Windows networks across logical and/or physical interfaces?


Re: NT browsing through PIX

If you open enough ports, sure, which somewhat defeats the purpose of having the segments firewalled (note, that it is perfectly legitimate to use a pix like you are, with all the MS stuff open between the pix's interfaces, and just use the pix to block other stuff - management/monitoring apps, etc).

You will want tcp/udp 135 open, as well as tcp/udp 137-139, and tcp/udp 445 at a minimum. Win2k active directory will neep tcp/udp 88 for kerberos. If you are running wins, it uses 1512tcp and udp for replication between servers.

That is a start. That should work for NT 4, win2k AD might need some more ports opened, depending on topology

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