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Obtaining Windows 2000 CRL on a router

I'm configuring a number of devices with site-to-site VPNs, using Microsoft Windows 2000 Certificate Services to provide the certificates.

I have got the connections up and running successfully; however, when downloading the CRL I find that it does not contain the revoked certificates - hence the VPNs stay active.

Has anyone experienced similar problems, or have any suggestions as to a solution?

Many thanks, Matt


Re: Obtaining Windows 2000 CRL on a router

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Re: Obtaining Windows 2000 CRL on a router

The default time period for a crl list on Microsoft servers is one week. So unless you publish a new crl list from the server, you will continue to get the old crl list until the server automatically publish's a new crl list. Nothing on IOS that you can do about that as its a server configuration. On your revoked section, right click and publish a new crl list. The router will then get the updated crl list on the next cert connection. You might have to do a crypto ca crl request on the router to get that pulled down. But as the above link stated, make sure your running 12.2.8T or above.

Kurtis Durrett

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