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ODBC and/or JDBC

Is the VMS2.2 alarm database remotely queryable using ODBC and/or JDBC? If so, how?

Using IDSMC 1.2

Solaris 8

Cisco Employee

Re: ODBC and/or JDBC


it is not possible to directly access the database remotely.

what we do is providing an export utility for having the data in a format that can then be parsed and the data can be added to a remote db.

the utility is IdsAlarm.exe

Look at the instruction son how to use it at this link

It is provided regarding of the platform in which you are running and starting from IDSMC 1.2 that you already have.



Cisco Employee

Re: ODBC and/or JDBC

Not currently. Although we do not block JDBC access, we do not formally support it as of today. We are working toward allowing external access but currently the database performance does not allow us to run concurrent with other applications accessing the same table set.

Cisco Employee

Re: ODBC and/or JDBC

It is not possible to remotely query the alarm database used by Security Monitor.

At the ame time we provide a script that is possible to use generating a database rule for exporting the alarms in a specific format (IdsAlarm, and then you can parse them and import them in your own database using the format you want.

Here is the link were you can refer to for more information on the usage of the script.


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