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Older 4210 Sensor running version 4.0

Is there anything special about upgrading a older 4210 sensor to version 4.0?

I boot off the CD and see some reference to Intel drivers, and then the system shuts down. I noticed that there is a NIC in the slot that is an SMC brand.

Makes me think that I should need a different kernel to boot from.

Cisco Employee

Re: Older 4210 Sensor running version 4.0

I don't think you have an IDS-4210 sensor.

The IDS-4210 sensor is a 1 Rack Unit sensor with a blue front.

Both NICs of the sensor are built into the main motherboard.

Side Note: the IDS-4210 requires a memmory upgrade to support the newer 4.1 code. The memmory uprade is free for customers with SmartNet contracts.

It sounds like you are referring to the older IDS-4220 or IDS-4230 sensors or the even older NRS-xx sensors.

All of these sensors were 4 Rack Unit sensors with a grey front that required a key to access the front panel. One interface was on the main motherboard and one interface in a PCI slot.

The older NRS-xx sensors had PII400 cpus with less memmory and are not supported with version 4.0.

NOTE: Version 3.1 signature updates are continuing to the first part of next year for these sensors.

If you are running the old NRS-xx sensor please contact your Cisco Representative about upgrading to a newer sensor for when the 3.1 signature updates stop.

The IDS-4220 and IDS-4230 sensors have PIII600 cpus with more memmory and do support version 4.0.

NOTE: The IDS-4220 like the IDS-4210 requires a memmory upgrade to support version 4.1. The memmory upgrade is free for customers with SmartNet contract.

From the description of your problem I would have to guess that you have an older NRS-xx sensor that does not support version 4.x.

Reboot the sensor and see what CPU is reported on the screen just before bootup of the operating system.

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