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Opening port 3389 on Cisco 806 router

I have a Cisco 806 router. Before I put it between the PC and cable modem I could remote desktop (port 3389) into the PC from outside the network. Now, since the router is on the network, only the telnet port is open from the outside. I did a port scan on my inside PC and it shows port 3389 is still open from the inside. I don't have any access list's on the router so I don't know why it's blocking that port. Any ideas?


Cisco Employee

Re: Opening port 3389 on Cisco 806 router

Is the 806 router doing NAT/PAT. Does your PC now have a private IP address or does it still have a global Internet address? If the 806 is doing address translation ("ip nat ....." type commands), then you'll need to create a port translation through to your internal PC.

Community Member

Re: Opening port 3389 on Cisco 806 router

I messed around with the router this weekend and got it working. I used this command:

ip nat inside source static tcp 3389 interface Ethernet1 3389

Yes, the PC has a private IP. I turned off DHCP on the inside interface because I only have one PC inside the network so far. The telnet port is also open from the outside. Do you think that's a bad idea even though I have a username and strong password setup for vty sessions?


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