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ospf route advertisement on pix

I don't see much discussion and or documentation regarding ospf on PIX..

Am just wondering how pix behave when it is configured for ospf network.

Are LSAs propagated in the same fashion as routers do? I mean, are the routes learned say from the outside interface, be propagated to the inside interface? If it could, what is the minimum command aside from enabling ospf process ID, configuring the area type, and network.

Thanks a lot.


Re: ospf route advertisement on pix


The short answer is the PIX can propogate LSA's out other interfaces if this is what you want to do. You can configure 2 OSPF instances on a PIX and distribute between the two if you want to. You can just configure one OSPF intances and have each interface in a seperate area. Or, you can put all interfaces into the same area. The code was ported over from IOS so aside from a few CLI differences (and some other minor stuff), PIX OSPF should behave very similar to IOS. Here is a link to some documentation on OSPF on the PIX. See if this helps and if there is anything specific we can help with, let us know.

Good luck!


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