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Outlook disconnect

I have a user that when sending an attachment within Outlook 2000 looses its connection to the email server. The VPN 3005 connection never goes down but the email user has to disconnect the VPN connection and restart it to even access Outlook again. I have also had others users experience similar losses of connection to the email server via the VPN connection. Once again the VPN connection never goes down. Any help would be appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: Outlook disconnect

Alot of the Email issues revolve around the MTU setting on the machine, try lowering the MTU on the machine and make sure you are using the latest client and you should be good to go. You can use the SETMTU utility within the client install to lower the MTU.

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Aamir Waheed,

Cisco Systems, Inc.



Community Member

Re: Outlook disconnect

The VPN client was set to the default setting for MTU size. What is the default size with the VPN client? What value would you suggest to start with? thanks

Community Member

Re: Outlook disconnect

I would start with 1350. If you still have problems try dropping it 10 or so until it works.

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