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Packet loss

Which would be a go good software to monitor packet loss and network latency for an ISP's backbone?.Please provide some documentation so that I can have a study regarding this?

Also we have a cache engine, Blue Coat, which blocks ip's and restricts only permitted websites.Where exactly should I place such a device in an ISP?

Should it be as close as to the edge router connecting to the internet or should it be as close as to the source, the clients end


Re: Packet loss

The delay and jitter probes monitor predetermined thresholds using either the SAA Cisco IOS features, or the Cisco IOS RMON alarm and event method. In either case, the router monitors delay, jitter, and packet loss and alerts NMS stations of threshold violations via SNMP traps.

The following RMON alarm and event trap configuration causes saarouter1 to generate an SNMP trap if the rising threshold exceeds 140 ms maximum round-trip time. It also sends another trap when the maximum round-trip time falls back below 100 ms. The trap is then sent to the log on the router, as well as to the NMS station


rmon alarm 10 rttMonJitterStatsRTTMax.100.120518706 1 absolute rising-threshold 140 100 falling-threshold 100 101 owner jharp

rmon event 100 log trap private description max_rtt_exceeded owner jharp

rmon event 101 log trap private description rtt_max_threshold_reset owner jharp

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