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Password recovery on Cisco 803.Config is compressed.Encryption ios used.

Password recovery on an 803 router where the config is compressed and the ios is c800-k9osy6-mw.123-3.bin

The config-register will be set to 0x2142 and the router rebooted.If the command show startup-config is used the reply is :-

router#using 4922 out of 8017 bytes,uncompressed size = 10550 bytes. %error opening nvram:/startup-config(no such file or directory)

I am unable to see the startup-config and hence read or change the passwords.If I set the config-register back to 0x2102 and as long as there have been no wr mem or copy running-config startup-config commands issued and then reboot, the router will de-compress and read the config in nvram but I will still be required to login.With a compressed config and a non-encryption type ios this does not happen.Is it a security feature of the encryption ios or is there another way to get the config to decompress and allow a password recovery.


Re: Password recovery on Cisco 803.Config is compressed.Encrypti

I am not aware if a special recovery procedure exists for encryption ios. Never heard of one. However, one of the reasons why you might get this message is that after you enter the copy run start, a mesage similar to "Destination filename [startup-config]?" appears. If you enter 'Y' at this point, the error message you are seeing will get displayed. Just press the enter key instead. The password recovery procedure for 800 series routers is available at

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