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password recovery


I have a new sensor 4210 and the default password attack works only for netrangr user. So my problem is that for root user I cannot use this password. How can I manage this ?


New Member

Re: password recovery

If you can not use that password you shoul use the CD to restore the original configuration. That process will take you like 30 minutes. The username will be "su" and the password "attack".

New Member

Re: password recovery

The username is actually "root" not "su".

Cisco Employee

Re: password recovery

When logging in for the first time, be sure to login directly as user root with password attack.

You will then be prompted to change the password.

If instead you login as user netrangr, and then try to "su root" or "su - root", the system won't let you because the "su" command doesn't support the forced password changing that happens on initial login as user root.

NOTE: Once you've logged in directly as root and changed the password, then you can later use the "su root" or "su - root" commands to switch to user root. It is just the first login for root that can not be done through the su command.

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