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PAT address and DNS PTR records and slow Intenet response

I've ran in to issues in the past when clients go through the PIX and get a PAT address Internet response was really slow or it did not work. I resolved the issue by putting in a DNS PTR record for the PAT address. Cisco has this article on the problem:

My question here really isn't PIX or security related but I was hoping someone could answer my question. So, my question is What is it at the destination web server that actually tries to do the reverse look up? Is it something built in to the web server itself? Is it something that is configured on the web server? Is it something that is configured for security at the destination end that wants to veify the address? I know the PTR record fixes the problem and I would always just fix the problem and move on. I've come across this again and now its finally peaked my interest to find out what the problem really is?


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