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PcAnywhere through a PIX

I'm working on implementing a PIX515 into our organization. Right now, all we have is a router performing PAT so one IP is used for Internet for all internal users. Everyone is assigned (throught the NAT Table) there own ports so they can log in to there computer with PcAnywhere from home.

I understand how this works with the router, but the firewall is a bit different and I was wondering if there were any whitepapers for this, or if you guys have any examples of how to write the config for the PIX in order to accomplish this. I need to basically copy the exact port assignments on the router to the PIX so everybody will be able to work after I install this thing.

I understand by default that PcAnywhere uses ports UDP 5632 (status) and TCP 5631 (data), but all of our internal ip addresses in our nat scope use ports 5030-5080 so each person has there own PcAnywhere session. I'm new to all this stuff and this is my first PIX implementation so be easy on me :)


Re: PcAnywhere through a PIX

Hello Andrew,

You should be ok to allow with a ACL ports 5632 (pcAnywhere status) and 5631 (data) as these ports are not in you nat scope rang i.e. 5030-5080.

Hope this helps and let me know how you get on.

Thanks -

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Re: PcAnywhere through a PIX

On our recent PIX501 install, we use IpSec clients to reach the outside public IP of the PIX. The tunnel then allows connection to any of the static, non-public IP's running PcAnywhere hosts. Our consultant doesn't care for open ports, so we are locked up quite tightly.

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