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PDM access required on low security level segment

Just upgraded my PIX 525 (with failover) to 6.2(2).

Would want to use PDM access but not coming from "inside" interface but from a lower security level(95). How do I do this? Following procedures from docs got error when I specified IP address not on "inside". I have 5 segments on my pix ( outside, segment1, segment2, segment3, segment4, inside) and I want to use segment4. Thanks a lot.


Cisco Employee

Re: PDM access required on low security level segment

You can certainly do this. All you should need is (assuming is on segment4):

> http segment4

The docs here ( show an example on the outside interface.

New Member

Re: PDM access required on low security level segment

First I entered the ff:

>http server enable

>http segment4

and then I ran "setup".

>gatekeeper1(config)# setup

>Pre-configure PIX Firewall now through interactive prompts [yes]?

>Enable password []:

>Clock (UTC):

> Year [2002]:

> Month [Jul]:

> Day [30]:

>Time [14:22:27]:

> Inside IP address []: NOTE: I entered the "inside" IP address here

>Inside network mask []:

>Host name [gatekeeper1]:

>Domain name []:

>IP address of host running PIX Device Manager: NOTE: segment4 IP

>Use this configuration and write to flash? yes

>Building configuration...

When I did a "sh run", I got this:

>http server enable

>http inside

>http segment4

This doesn't look good! I access using I authenticated successfully

but got a "404" error. I think I am doing something terribly stupid ;-)


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