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PDM for PIX506 question

Dear Everybody,

I'm not sure what i did wrong over the setup, but I was trying to access the PIX using the PDM, somehow i'm keep getting the error message after i type in the password,

"Yor PIX image has a version of unknown. This version of PDM

will only interoperate with versions taht start with 6.0 or 6.1. Please update your PIX image so that they are compatible"

and here is the show ver of my PIX506

SUN-PIX# show ver

Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Version 6.0(1)

PIX Device Manager Version 1.1(2)

Compiled on Thu 17-May-01 20:05 by morlee

SUN-PIX up 18 mins 37 secs

Hardware: PIX-506, 32 MB RAM, CPU Pentium 200 MHz

Flash i28F640J5 @ 0x300, 8MB

BIOS Flash AT29C257 @ 0xfffd8000, 32KB

0: ethernet0: address is 0006.532f.28a6, irq 11

1: ethernet1: address is 0006.532f.28a7, irq 10

Licensed Features:

Failover: Disabled

VPN-DES: Enabled

VPN-3DES: Enabled

Maximum Interfaces: 2

Cut-through Proxy: Enabled

Guards: Enabled

Websense: Enabled

Throughput: Limited

ISAKMP peers: Unlimited

Serial Number: 405270601 (0x1827f049)

Activation Key: 0x9f04f704 0x92d9939d 0x016ba94b 0xb1e2ea78


I have a PIX501 with me, it's working perfectly fine with PDM on that one, just can't access to the 506 through the PDM. any suggestion would be really appreicate


Community Member

Re: PDM for PIX506 question

Hi everyone,

Just want to add something, i event try a brand new PIX506E, it's comes with PIX Version 6.1(4) and PDM 1.1(2), but i'm still getting the same error message when i try to access it through PDM, why?

any suggestion would be really apprecaite thanks


Community Member

Re: PDM for PIX506 question

You may update your PDM version to 2.11 to resovle these issues. I know the new version makes it a lot cleaner to work with.

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