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PDM Hostname Mismatch

How do I solve the the following problem:

when I start the PDM I accept the SSL certificate then I get an error stating HOSTNAME MISMATCH do I want to accept anyway.

How can I fix this? I tried clearing the ca rsa key and generating another one (without rebooting) and this did not solve the problem.

Thanks in advance.


Re: PDM Hostname Mismatch

The error message for the hostname mismatch is because there is a file on your PC that doesn't match the hostname it has with the one on your PIX,

make sure there is a hostname configured on your PIX. See also Troubleshooting PIX Device Manager - Just to ensure that you did remove and regenerate via the proper procedure(see below)

1.pix# ca zeroize rsa The ca zeroize rsa command deletes all RSA keys that were previously generated by your PIXFirewall.

2.Generate an RSA key pair and save the keys to Flash memory. pix(config)#ca generate rsa key 1024

3.After generating the keys, you must save them into flash memory. Failure to perform this step will result in the erasure of the keys at the next reload

pix(config)#ca save all

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