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PDM location in the PIX configuration file.

When I do SHOW CONFIG command on the PIX the configuration file is displayed with lots of PDM LOCATION statements in it. Every network address including some addresses that are ourtside the private network. When I do a Clear PDS all of the statements get deleted only to reappear later. The config file gets bloated with this extra commands.

The CISCO docs do not give a good enough explaination for the PDM LOCATION Command.

What is this command used for?

How do I get rid of any unneeded PDM LOCATION commands?

How do I keep the commands from comming back into the config file after I remove them?

New Member

Re: PDM location in the PIX configuration file.

the PDM location commands are used by PDM when you bring up your browser and activate PDM. If no PDM location entries exist, PDM will place them. PDM 'knows" about these locations based on your configuration (rules and translations). You cannot get rid of them as long as you want to use PDM.

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