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PDM Location

What is this actually doing? Https access is restricted via the "http x.x.x.x x.x.x.x inside" command, the PIX just seems to create loads of these entries but I can't see what they are doing.

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Re: PDM Location

Hi -

I actually opened a case with TAC on this when I first started using PDM - they said that it is used by an internal PDM process, but you can do a 'clear pdm location' to get rid of them with no ill effects. The tech said that PDM uses it for something, but it doesn't affect the way PDM works...

Hope that helps...???


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Re: PDM Location

If you have loads of "http ip mask inside", you might run into trouble for pix management.

But I'm pretty sure your meaning is you have loads of "pdm location ip interface", right. So these entry in the pix are created by PDM. You can remove them manually but the next time you'll run PDM, these entries will reappear. These entries simply tell to PDM on witch interface all the devices from the pix config are connected or "located". This doesn't affect the pix perfomance except it's making a bigger config.

Hope this help.


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