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PDM Monitoring DSL Usage - Interface In/Output Definitions

I'm looking at the Interface Outside (and Inside) - Bit Rates graphs. I'm a little unclear as to what consitutes Input and Output for each interface. For example, on the outside interface, does input refer to everything visible on the outside network or just that addressed to the outside IP? Output refers to anything passed into the PIX or passed in or out? For the inside interface then, input would refer to anything visible on the inside network, or addressed to the I/F? (from the inside net and the PIX?) You see my confusion in the question. Can anyone shed light? Thanks.


Re: PDM Monitoring DSL Usage - Interface In/Output Definitions

I think the bit rate graph will give you the actual number of bits per second that is visible to an interface. That would definately include the packets passing through since that is likely to constitute most of the traffic under normal operations. On the outside interface, input would refer to everything coming in from the outside unprotected network to the PIX. Everything that comes in the Inside interface should go out the Outside, therefore the insidesinput must be same as the outside's output.

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Re: PDM Monitoring DSL Usage - Interface In/Output Definitions

OK, so the output of the Inside should be the input of the Outside less what the F/W blocks? And in the input cases, just the packets addressed to the interface? (Outside is switched, so should be all packets, but inside is not switched, so it won't be everything on the wire, just the addressed pkts.) If that's all so, I think I'm clear. Thanks for the response. MN

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