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PDM problem using IE

Hello All,

Have a problem I am looking for help on.

I have a pix506e V6.1(4) software and two spanking new pix 525's ( v6.3(1) ).

I can use my pdm succesfully to the 506e with use of the following 3 basic commands:

pdm location x.x.x.x inside

http server enable

http x.x.x.x inside

It prompts me for username and password after https'ing to the device and just simply lets me enter enable password with a blank username and pdm comes up.

On the pix525's I enter the same string of commands above , the browser/pix prompts for username and password , again I leave the username blank and enter the enable password. The browser then responds with page cannot be found.

Gives me the impression its password based - is there something new on the version ? Is it password/username related ? Am i going mad !

Any help would be appreciated



Re: PDM problem using IE

what does a "sh ver" say for pix and pdm versions?

My 501 pix came from the factory with a pdm version that was incompatible with the pix os version it came with. I got a distinct "wrong version" pdm error message though.

Anything in the logs? There is a debug pdm history command, but I haven't used it

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Re: PDM problem using IE

Try using pix for the username or enable_15

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