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Phone as modem and cisco vpn client

Our company just got the Samsung i325 Ace mobile phones with the data plan. I can tether my phone via usb to my computer and get onto the internet just fine, and I can even connect to my vpn with no problem. That is where my troubles begin though. As soon as I connect to my vpn using the cisco vpn client (ver. I cannot access any of my internal servers. All my pings time out. Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


New Member

Re: Phone as modem and cisco vpn client

Hi Shawn,

I would require some inputs first.

1) Does the problem started with client version or it is since day one.

2) What is the head end device on which the clients are terminating.

3) Is the Allow local Lan Access check box enabled on the Transport option of the connection entry you are using.

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Re: Phone as modem and cisco vpn client


The problem also existed with the vpn client ver. I tried upgrading to see if that would resolve the problem. Our pix 625 is currently our vpn server, but I will be replacing that with a 5510 in a week or so. The allow local lan access option was selected. The vpn client works fine if I use a regular modem, but when I use my mobile phone tethered as a modem, that is when I have no access to my local lan via vpn.



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