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Physically Connecting to Firewall

I have 2 core layer 3 switches in HSRP, Can I connect both core switches to the ASA5520?

Can I have 2 ports (G0/0 and G0/1) assigned to the inside network on the Firewall Appliance ?

The ASA5520 will be in Active/Standby mode.

Right now I have the core switches connected together via a trunk and both of these layer 3 switches have "gateway of last resort pointing to the Inside Port on the firewall, only one of the firewalls is connected to the inside Port.

Can I do this, connect Core 1 switch to Port G0/0 and set gateway of last resort to G0/0 IP and connect Core 2 switch to Port G0/1 and set gateway of last resort to G0/1 IP?


Re: Physically Connecting to Firewall


As far as i know, you cannot deploy it that fashion.

The ideal solution for this scenario would be as follows.

You would require additional layer 2 switch for this, in between core layer and the firewalls.

Apart from the trunk between the core switches,

Both the core switches will have a link going to the layer 2 switch.

From each firewall's ( Active /standy) inside interface a link will be going to the layer 2 switch.

For additional redundancy You can also deploy two layer 2 switches if required.

Hope this helps.


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