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Pix 5.1(2) & DNS

We use the VPN Client 1.1 to PIX 520. We can connect & authenticate. I am not able to browse my network ( I cannot map a drive or share on any servers. I can however using the IP address of the mail server ( receives mail in Outlook. Neither NT nor Novell client login box will present. DNS is on the Novell ( PDC is a NT 4.0 ( WINS is on NT ( I can telnet to devices and I can use HTTP servers on the internal network when using the IP address, not name. I am missing a component of the VPN configuration. What that is I am at a loss, any suggestions?

Thanks Folks.

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Re: Pix 5.1(2) & DNS

It sounds like WINS lookups are not happening correctly. If you ping the machine name does it resolve? If not, look at the ip address it's attempting to ping. Is it correct? Are you on the latest vesrion of the VPN client? Good dialup connection? There's a lot to look at, there's a few things to start with. You will need to troublshoot with tac.

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