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PIX 501 50 User Licensing Question

I have a 50 user 501 at a remote site. This 501 connects LANtoLAN

To a 3005 concentrator. Yesterday I ran into some problems not being able to access some statically addressed printers through the VPN. After playing with this for a while, I cleared the xlate and the printers were accessible. After doing an extended ping through the VPN to one of the printers for about 15 minutes, I noticed that it would drop 15 or 20 pings and then pick back up again. I solved this problem by clearing the xlate again and lowering the xlate timeout. I then looked at the show local-host command and noticed that some local IP addresses have 5 or 6 xlates (I’m using PAT). How does the 501 determine the 50 user limit?? Obviously by the translation table, but when were talking about the VPN connection I’m no nating the users and these is not in the xlate table. If I have 10 users that have 5 xlates each, will it drop the 11th user?? I talked to TAC and the engineer sent me a bug fix for IOS 6.1.1, but he could give me any information on how the 501 determined the 50 user limit.

If anyone has any information on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance..

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Re: PIX 501 50 User Licensing Question

The 50 use limit is based on the first 50 source IP addresses that it gets sent through its inside interface.

One source IP having 10 xlates counts as 1 of your 50 machines.

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