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PIX 501 AC Adapter Problems


I have been noticing that our old model (about a year old) 501's appear to have been shipped with an AC adapter that is either defective or poorly designed. The adapter plug apparently is not maintaining good contact with the 501's internal power supply and if the cord is very slightly moved it will cause the 501 to reset. I am not sure if the newer 501's are shipping with a new revision of the AC adapter, but I have noticed our new 501's do not have this problem, and the adapters work great when used with the older 501's, this is how I know its an adapter problem. I do not have a new adapter on hand at the moment to check the revision, but the old adapter revision is A0. Has anyone else noticed this problem? I did not see anything on TAC's PIX site about a 501 adapter problem, I was wondering if Cisco is aware of this and if they are replacing the faulty adapters?

Thanks in advance.


Re: PIX 501 AC Adapter Problems


Yep, this is a known issue but it was decided not to release a field notice for this as we caught it pretty early in the manufacturing process. There were only a few that went out like this and we thought it would be handled in the RMA process fairly easily. Anyway, go ahead and open a TAC to request that a new 501 be shipped to you. You actually have to replace the whole unit as the problem is with the power connector on the motherboard. All new 501's do not have this issue (as you've seen). Hope this helps and sorry for the problems.


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