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PIX 501 Connecting two remote sites???


I've got a PIX 501 at a head office and and Instagate EX firewall at another site and a SonicWall Tele2 at a third site. I'm was trying to get the Instagate and the SonicWall to communicate through an IPSec VPN tunnel but they dont support the same standards and cannont do this...but they can both create IPSec VPN tunnels to the PIX501 at the head office. Is there some way to allow these two sites to communicate securely through the PIX501 at the head office? I have read an artice where two sites connect to a head office through VPN tunnels, but in this article the two remote sites had no need to communicate. Thanks for any and all info.

Cisco Employee

Re: PIX 501 Connecting two remote sites???

The PIX won't send a packet back out the same interface it came in on, that includes traffic coming in on one VPN tunnel and being rerouted back out another VPN tunnel.

The only way to do this with a PIX at the head-end is to terminate the tunnels on two different interfaces (see, but with a 501 you can't do this either.


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