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PIX 501 Enters Continuous Reboot Cycle

I recently replaced the wireless access point I am using with my PIX 501. The new AP is a Netgear WPN802.

Since the replacement, my PIX 501 periodically enters a continuous reboot cycle (loop). The only way to stop this cycle is to power cycle the PIX and the AP. Once I do this, everything is fine again for a while (several hours) until the reboot loop starts again.

Since this wasn't happening before I replaced the AP, my thought is that something with the AP is causing the problem, but it could be a coincidence.

Has anyone seen something like this occur? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

New Member

Re: PIX 501 Enters Continuous Reboot Cycle


Are there any error messages on the console when it is in contiuous boot mode?

Do you have logging turned on?

pix# (config) logging on

pix# (config) logging console debug

If the AP is connected to the PIX with a x-over cable, try plugging the Outside interface of the PIX and the AP into a small hub or switch.

Also, have you hard set the speed/duplex on the PIX/AP interfaces?

One final recommendation is to read the open/closed caveats in the 6.3.5 release notes. Your issue might be covered.



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