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PIX 501 Memory Leak with IPSEC

We have a PIX 501 that is running IPSEC DES VPN. We have to reset the box almost every day to regain the memory. This only started to happen when we attempted to add another IKE peer. We have since removed the configuration for this IKE peer and the memory leak is still happening. There is a good possibility that we are just doing too much over this 501 but if anyone has ran into this or can offer some suggestions that would be great. PIX has 16MB of memory.


Re: PIX 501 Memory Leak with IPSEC

Why do you think you have a memory leak? if you are confident that you do, then you should open a TAC case right away.

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Re: PIX 501 Memory Leak with IPSEC

We discovered it when our user behind the firewall was losing links and the memory was at 0 bytes free. We began to monitor after reboot and the memory would slowly deplete throughout the day till it was back to 0 bytes available. This to me constitutes a memory leak. I have not followed up with a TAC case because we are in the process of upgrading this box. Just curious if anyone has ran into this and if so what steps were taken to resolve it.

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