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PIX 501 on a LAN

I purchased the PIX 501 for my home broadband connection. Prior to installing it, I am trying to learn it at work.

I can't get ethernet0 to accept a DHCP assigned ip. Probably something simple.

Should I be using a crossover or straight through cable ?


Re: PIX 501 on a LAN

The command is ip address outside dhcp.

Check this link for more info.

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Re: PIX 501 on a LAN

Good stuff but I still can't get connected to the LAN.

I have tried using a straight through cable and cross over. When I issue the command sho ip, the line protocol for ethernet0 is down for either cable. I know both cables are working.

I have even tried to statically assign an IP to ethernt0. still, the line protocol is down.

Community Member

Re: PIX 501 on a LAN

Stupid is as stupid does !!!!!!!!

Forget the support. Thanks anyway, but It helps to look at the switch speed. I had the PIX plugged into a 100mb switch.

Everything is working

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