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PIX 501 Throughput

I have recently purchased a PIX 501 50 user firewall which I must say I really like. I have used numerous home user firewalls in the past and one commercial firewall for my home network and I must say that even with my minimal knowledge of the PIX to this point I have had less problems than with any of the other firewalls.

Anyway on to my questions:

1. The stated clear text throughput of the PIX 501 is rated at 60mbps. In a book that I have on the PIX states that "the first port has no 100mbps LED because this port only operates at 10mbps." I am assuming that the PIX has been upgraded and the light now only indicated a Link connection and is rated above 10mbps? Is this correct.

2. I ask the above because my ISP cable connection that I have is rated up to 15 mbps down and 2 mbps up. I have not really been able to obtain anything consistently over 5000 kbps down except that I did get one cable modem speed test of 17094 Kbps or 21371.8 KBps as reported to me after the test. While I realize that the cable modem is a shared pool I would think that I would be getting a constant 11-15 mbps for the speed that I am paying for. I think that this may have ansered my first question as it appears that I have exceeded the 10 mbps as stated in the book.

3. Is there anything that I can tweak in the PIX 501 that may be affecting the throughput? I seem to rarely use more than 6-8 licenses as reported in use.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: PIX 501 Throughput

There are no real speed tweaks you can do on the PIX as the software and hardware are already optimized. The outside interface of the 501 is a 100Mbps interface and you can use the show interface command to make sure it is running at 100Mbps. If you can force it and the device it is connected to 100Mbps Full Duplex use this command: interface ethernet0 100full

If you are getting less than the speed you are paying for check the outside interface of the PIX. other than that the PIX will just fly.


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Hi, I have identically same

Hi, I have identically same problem. I wonder if you already solved this problem. If so, appreciate your feed-back. Thanks.

Here is my recent posts:

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Hi, I have identically same

Hi, I have identically same problem. I wonder if you already solved this problem. If so, appreciate your feed-back. Thanks.

Here is my recent posts:

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