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PIX 501 user restrictions

I'm using a PIX501 to VPN back to our main office VPN concentrator. The 501 has a 10-user license limitation and seems like we have reached it with 6 users and 2 network printers. But that only makes up 8 devices. Does anyone know where to check the current connections to see if I'm approaching the limit?

I've tried:

show ver

show arp

show conn

show xlate

show crypto ipsec sa

But these don't tell me if I'm over the limit and why it's not connecting more users. Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks for your help in advance.


New Member

Re: PIX 501 user restrictions

I finally found to answer to my own question by looking at the logs. You can use show local-host to see how many people are considered "connected". And you can use clear local-host to delete the idle connections. Hint lookup "clear local-host" on Cisco's web sit for more info. Hope this will be of help to others.

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