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Pix 501 VPN Problem

I have set up a vpn connection to my pix to allow users to remotley connect to the internal nework, This is using pre-shared keys for authetication. When the connection is established the remote user can work away as normal. What happens is the pix does not allow any traffic out from the internal network. Everything stops. The pix does not crash as you can disconnect the vpn session and then reconnect and it is okay. I can also ssh into the pix.

Any ideas?

New Member

Re: Pix 501 VPN Problem

Is it only the users who vpn in who cannot go outbound after terminating their vpn client to the pix? My inital thoughts are that you have a tunnel all policy and because you are using pix 501 and terminating on the outside, if users want to go outbound they have to be redirected out to the same interface they just came in on. This violates the ASA algorithm of the pix. To get around this issue use a split tunnel policy.

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