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PIX 506 Firewall

I recently started a position where the previous network admin shredded a great deal of network information. I have been told that the previous admin had the network locked down too tight. To make a long an interesting story short I have a Cisco 506 PIX Firewall but no interface and no idea what the ip is. I have users that are trying to go to a work related site but cannot access the site. The gist of it is that nobody here can get to the website. Users from other companies can get in the site in question. I have seen in other firewalls places to enter ip addresses that you want to deny access to, however I have no way of accessing the firewall to check and see if this has been done. I am open too any ideas on finding the firewall and getting in to view the configuration.

Here is a little bit about the previous admin. The owner of the company was told that helicopters suck up bandwidth when they file over the building, email was setup to allow users to send email to one company and if the employees had to send to another co. they were told send it out and have the email forwarded to the recipient. This is only the beging. The paper shredder was so full it would not work. Every file that was of any importance was empty. And the great part is that the previous admin was transfered to the service dept.

Well any help with the firewall would be greatly appreciated.


Re: PIX 506 Firewall

Is the pix your default gateway?

If you have the passwords for it, you can connect to the pix's console port with a rollover cable and a rj45-db9 serial adapter with a laptop.

That said, if you don't know these things and others (passwords, etc), and an disgruntled employee does, your company is at enormous risk. Expert consultants should be brought in along with a plan to terminate the rogue employee.

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Re: PIX 506 Firewall

I don not have the passwords to the firewll. I wish that the guy would was terminated, had I known that he would still be here I would not have taken the job. The strange thing is that when I asked him for passwords to the firewall, switches he told there were not any passwords, and that the firewall was not onsite. Thanks for the suggestion, I will talk to a few friends and see who I can get in to figure this out.

This job has been an interesting challenge, servers with bios passwords, policies and user rights that don't make sense. What a great learning experience I have found. LOL


Re: PIX 506 Firewall

Hello Stephen,

If all fails, and if you can get some downtime for your network, you could try to recover the password of the PIX. Please check/read the following URL:

When you've got access to the PIX then post your config here or if you like e-mail to me direct at - if you are still having problems. Also, if need to recover the passwords of other cisco equipments then please check the following URL: - were you'll find lots of information.

Hope this helps and let me know how you get on.

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Re: PIX 506 Firewall

Thanks for your help, I'll let you know what happens. I could bring the network down somtime on the weekend and figure it out then.

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