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Pix 506 shutting itself down


One of my client has a Pix 506 and it had been running great. They have it for couple years now.

For the past couple months, about once every week, they cannot connect to Internet and a reboot of the pix is required. After reboot, the problem goes away.

I checked it out. When they cannot connect to Internet, I cannot ping the pix. Its like the Pix does not exist. I plugged the pix into a diff switch and it did not help.

The Pix 506 is running 6.22.

Would upgrading the Pix to 6.3 help with the situation?

Thank you for your prompt reply..

-Paul Hong


Re: Pix 506 shutting itself down

get the numbers off of the bottom of it, and check product notices on it. there have been a few defects in 506's; I had to have ours replaced a few years back. Rule out hardware first. 6.22 is a general deployment release, 6.3x is still an early deployment release, so if anything, 6.22 should be more stable.

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Re: Pix 506 shutting itself down

The field notices you're most interested in are:


Shouldn't really be running into the first one if it worked for 2+ years, could be the second one if you're traffic has recently increased.

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Re: Pix 506 shutting itself down


Thanks for your comment.

I checked both link and the device does not seem

to be a defective one.

The device is actually Pix 515.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Hong

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