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PIX 506e OS Upgrade (How do I do it?)


I have never upgraded an OS on a PIX firewall but now I have to take OS 6.2.2 and put it to OS 6.3.5.

I have downloaded the pix635.bin file to my desktop and installed PumpKIN (TFTP server program).

Can someone please provide me with instructions on how to do this? Like I said im new at this, I have entry knowledge of PIX so try to make it make sense, cause i found a few sites online that explained it but they were written messy without explantion of what each command did and what needs to go there.

Thanks in advance

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Re: PIX 506e OS Upgrade (How do I do it?)

If you use the PDM remember to download the latest version of the PDM too. The following will show you how to upgrade the PIX.


Re: PIX 506e OS Upgrade (How do I do it?)

since the file is on your desktop, the pix might have some trouble downloading it due to ntfs permissions - even if you move it to a new tftp directory, you will have to change the permissions most likely.

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