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PIX 506E VPN thru Proxy Server 2.0

I am trying to establish VPN for remote access to our network using a 506E. We have Windows NT4.0 Server with Proxy Server 2.0. I can make a vpn connection but nothing else. I can not even ping the Proxy Server ip address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am brand-new to VPNs.

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Re: PIX 506E VPN thru Proxy Server 2.0

We'll need more information here.

What type of VPN are you creating, PPTP, IPSec? Is this a client-to-PIX VPN, or PIX-to-Proxy tunnel, or client-to-proxy? Are you terminating the VPN on the PIX itself or on the prxy server? What PIX interface does the proxy server sit on, and where are the clients (if tis is a client VPN)?

Please provide as much information as you can to enable us to help you out.

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Re: PIX 506E VPN thru Proxy Server 2.0

We are using Cisco Secure Client - IPSec.

Full VPN path is: client > Cisco 2600 router > Cisco 506E PIX > Proxy Server NIC > Windows network (for document retrieval, internal e-mail, etc.).

Clients will usually use dial-up ISP (Earthlink) unless high-speed available from hotel etc.

Hope this explains things a little better. Let me know if not.

Thank you very much.


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