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PIX 515 Constant Reboot Loop

I've got a spare PIX 515 around that I wanted to use as a testing ground to get comfortable with the changes in PIX 7.0. After upgrading the image, the PIX just goes into a reboot loop:

Cisco Secure PIX Firewall BIOS (4.0) #0: Thu Mar 2 22:59:20 PST 2000

Platform PIX-515

Flash=i28F640J5 @ 0x300

Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt flash boot.

Use SPACE to begin flash boot immediately.

Reading 5063168 bytes of image from flash.

I can re-install the image from monitor, but nothing just reboots again.

Any ideas?




Re: PIX 515 Constant Reboot Loop

I am not sure I have the correct solution, but sometimes licencing issues can cause the PIX to reload. Did you get this PIX with a bundled licence? If yes, then you cannot use this as a standalone device and can use only in the failover mode.

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Re: PIX 515 Constant Reboot Loop

If you have a DMZ interface, remove it, boot it up and load the latest 7.x. Then put DMZ interface back in and it should work...

Hope that is applicable.

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Re: PIX 515 Constant Reboot Loop


Did you copy the PIX70?.BIN file a second time with the "copy tftp://host_ip/pix70?.bin flash:" command? If you do not, then the compressed software image was not saved in flash, and you will get the boot loop. Esentially, you never saved it to the flash as the monitor copy only places it in volatile memory. Reboot and that memory is wiped - no image to boot.

Remember to replace the ? in the file name with your lower version number.


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Re: PIX 515 Constant Reboot Loop

How much memeory does the 515 have?

PIX 7x requires 128MB of RAM and older 515s shipped with 64MB of RAM. An easy way to tell is is it a 515 or 515E? The 515 came with 64MB and the 515E comes with 128MB.


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